Flora and Fauna

Despite its subtropical weather, Rapa Nui is not notable for the exuberance of its vegetation. 90% of its surface is dry savanna where bushes, autochthonous and exotic species are scattered.

With the arrival of the first Polynesian colonists, species such as yucca or yam, taro, sugar cane or Toa, sweet potato or Kumara, pumpkin or Hue are introduced; as well as the banana or Maika, which has more than 15 varieties and is an important part of the natives’ diet, generally served as an accompaniment to soups or fish.

As for the local fauna, birds such as the Tavake or the Kena stand out, since their feathers are utilized in the confection of typical costumes.

The Rapa Nui sea –in contrast to the terrestrial flora and fauna– it’s characterized by its great variety of corals, crustaceans and fish; standing out among them are the Ura –or endemic lobster– the Nanue, Poopo`o, Toremo and Kahi, as well as some fish of rather curious shapes such as the Titeve or sea urchin fish and the Tipi-Tipi or butterfly fish. There are also turtles which normally surround fishermen’s coves, seeking to feed themselves on fish remains, making snorkeling and diving a very attractive pastime for visitors.

Hotel Ohana - Flora y Fauna en Rapa Nui
Hotel Ohana - Clima en Rapa Nui

Hotel Ohana - Clima en Rapa Nui

Hotel Ohana - Fauna en Rapa Nui